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Avolienu Deserves Better and The President must Appreciate Same – Nana Amo Ackah V

Senior Lecturer of the University of Cape Coast and Chief of Avolienu (New Town), Nana Amo Ackah V has bemoaned the bad roads that lead to his town.

According to him, the road has been done from JoWharf to Effasu but, from that stretch to Avolienu is very bad. “Mr. President must do something about it. We own the land which guaranteed that Ghana won the ITLOS litigation with La Cotd’Ivoire. We deserve better and I’m only drawing the attention of the president to it”, he stressed.

He stressed the fact that where people don’t directly benefit from natural resources within their enclave, it has the tendency to cause disaffection and that doesn’t augur well for the country.

The Senior Lecturer referenced the example of the Niger Delta issues where indigenes felt alienated from the benefit of oil resources which was found on their land. “They begun bursting oil pipelines until the president asked them what they wanted. They said they want their children to go to school and others which was one and has since reduced the tension in that enclave”, he stated.

Nana Amo Ackah V further averred that, Ghana has immensely benefited from the oil resources discovered in the western region especially at Avolienu and he is beseeching the leadership of the country to come to their aid.

“Recently, when there was a spillage in Texas, those who were going to face the brunt of the disaster were those who lived in Texas. It is very imperative to ensure that where natural resources are discovered, those in that enclave must benefit first. That is the right thing to do”, he affirmed.

He spoke to Benjamin Tetteh Nartey on GBC Radio Central Morning Show, Wednesday 15th March, 2023.

Ghana is a beautiful country and “I’m not advocating for the fact that all oil resources must only be used for the benefit of western region. It is only fit and proper that a place like Avolienu must benefit from our oil resources”, he ended.

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