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Bawumia leads police to crime scene

Investigators were led to the scene of the crime by Kwame Adama Bawumia, who is accused of brutally killing his lover Ama Kobre and murdering an informant named Abudulla Yakubu in Sefwi Agyaponkrom located in the Western north region.

According to reports, when the police arrived at the crime scene, the suspect, Kwame Adama, claimed that he had killed Abudulla Yakubu due to personal reasons, and not because Abudulla was helping the police to track him down for the murder of his lover.

Bawumia asserted that Abudulla had spread rumors about him to the owner of the cocoa farm, Siedu, which ultimately led to Siedu taking away Bawumia’s ownership of the farm.

Bawumia informed the investigators that he had used multiple cutlasses to block the road leading to Abudulla’s village, and then took him to a cocoa farm situated nearby. He also took the police to the various villages where he had been hiding while evading arrest and presented them with the cutlass he had utilized to kill Abudulla.

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