Blows fly in as tenant impregnates landlord’s wife and daughter

A landlord rocked his tenant with a fist fight after he discovered he had impregnated his wife and daughter right under his watch.

Information received at the scene indicates that the tenant, identified as Reason Musiwechivi, established friendship with the landlord’s wife after giving her a lift to work.

He went beyond the daily ride to warming her bed whenever the landlord who doubles as a headmaster was away.

Not only did Reason ruin the marriage of 20 years, he is alleged to have also impregnated one of the landlord’s three daughters.

According to neighbours, there was a huge misunderstanding between the landlord’s wife and their older daughter a week ago when the mother and daughter clashed in Reason’s room.

This led to a serious tension between mother and daughter, which caused the landlord to intervene. They, however, denied all accusations.

However, it took the landlord’s daughter revealing the truth of her pregnancy, for the landlady to also confess she was three-months pregnant for the same tenant.

To make matters worse, a pharmacist is reported to have exposed the landlady for attempting to buy abortion pills to terminate both pregnancies.

The infuriated landlord is said to have descended heavily on Reason, beating him black and blue till he fell unconscious.

While Reason is battling for his life in a hospital, the landlord has sent his wife packing.


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