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Managing business not gender-sensitive – Women urged

The CEO of NutriHealth Foods and Beverages, Boahemaa Ntim, has said that running a business is not gender-sensitive.

Her comment was necessitated by the tendency, on the part of some people, to downgrade women when it comes to business management. They believe that women are not strong enough to handle business.

Speaking on Prime Morning with KMJ, the CEO is of the view that women are more creative, which gives them an advantage over men.

According to her, both genders face similar business handling challenges, hence the need for women to erase the notion and work harder to succeed.

“I don’t think business is really gender-sensitive. The kind of problems that men face, women face them too. Personally, I haven’t had issues because I’m a woman. I think as women, we’re very strong, and that’s an advantage,” she said.

She believes that every business is prone to struggles, not because of gender but due to the fact that human beings are bound to make errors.

Madam Boahemaa further added that the creativity used by women in managing their homes becomes their strongest asset in handling a business.

Even though home chores, responsibilities towards children and pregnancy may be hindrances along the line, she still believes women can be up to the task.

Using herself as an example, she narrated how she persevered and endured in managing her tea business during her pregnancy.

She is confident that if women reject the notion that they require special skills to succeed, they will be able to compete with men. 

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