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NDC urged to reconsider John Mahama- CPP’s Osei Kofi Acquah

NDC will deteriorate if John Mahama leads them in 2024 – CPP

According to Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah, the National Youth Organizer of the Congress People’s Party (CPP), the National Democratic Congress (NDC) would be in a worse position if its elders and followers who support John Mahama in the 2024 party leadership race were complacent. Aqua believes that Mahama has a poor track record that cannot be absolved by campaign financing and persuasive speeches, and urges NDC delegates not to vote for him.

During an interview with Julius Caesar Anadem on Ultimate FM, which was monitored by, Acquah suggested that the NDC could choose to support the CPP and other parties in the 2024 elections, as this could be a better option than risking failure or disaster.

Aqua expressed concern over the political situation within the NDC, stating that he is worried about the potential impact on all political parties, given that they all operate within the same political arena. Despite being a member of the CPP, Aqua believes that politics is akin to living in an apartment block, where one must be mindful of the actions of others.

“Regarding Mahama’s leadership, both during his time in power under Atta Mills and his own tenure thereafter, it has been and will continue to be a disaster. What actions has he taken specifically to prove otherwise?” Comrade Osei Kofi Aqua questioned.

Aqua considers Mahama’s track record to be a poor, misguided, and ineffective deal. He argues that the NDC should not only consider Mahama as a potential leader, but also provide other party members with the opportunity to lead. “There are other potential candidates who should be given a chance instead of Mahama, as his record speaks for itself,” Aqua remarked.

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