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NPP’s Performance Has Been Abysmal, Disturbing; NDC is the Alternative – Benjamin Quashie

Chairman of the National Democratic Congress’s Council of Elders for South Africa and the Group Chairman of Allied Consortiums, Mr. Benjamin Kofi Quashie has asserted that, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo’s second term in office has become a disaster.

This, according to him, makes the National Democratic Congress (NDC) a better alternative to govern this country than the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He contended that, the NDC isn’t just an alternative government in waiting as most are made to believe just because there are no other viable parties but, the NDC does well when in government as compared to NPP.

“The NDC has always aligned itself with helping the people socially down…. We’ve seen what the NPP has been able to do, quite disturbing, quite disheartening and I think the NDC is the alternative”.

Kofi Quashie was speaking to Blessed Sogah on ‘The Pulse’ on Joy News, Monday 9th January, 2023 as part of three days media tour in Ghana including Etv Ghana, Star FM, Nyansa TV, Joy Fm, Class FM, CTV, Original FM amongst others.

He argued that, if anyone claims the NPP solved the energy crisis in Ghana, then, that individual is not being truthful. “This government knows that it didn’t end the energy crisis, the energy (crisis) was ended by President Mahama”.

When his attention was drawn to the fact that covid19 and Russian/Ukraine war have impacted negatively on countries economy across the globe, the SA NDC Council Chair agreed and affirmed that, that was true. He was however quick to add that, in most countries, governments have put in place robust measures to support entrepreneurial development and to encourage their citizens to help but, unfortunately, in Ghana the government has not helped matters at all.

“I’m not saying the problem isn’t there but, the approach with which other countries are solving it, the seriousness with which they are harnessing their economies from down up, we don’t see that in Ghana”.

Proffering some solutions as to how we can build our economy, Mr. Quashie noted that as a country, we need to acknowledge and accept the fact that, the economy is paramount to the survival of all of us, irrespective or our political colouration. When the economy grows we all grow, regardless of which political persuasion one belongs to and that is of essence.

He added that, the country can do much better by encouraging more entrepreneurs amongst its citizenry to fill in the unemployment gap as the Ministry of Finance has placed a cap on recruitment in recent times.

To buttress his point on entrepreneurship, he cited the South African example where he shared that, the government has put in place measures to harness and develop domestic entrepreneurs and that is working for them.

In concluding on the economic issues and assessing the Nana Addo government, the NDC SA Council Chair underscored that, Nana Addo’s government in the second term has become a disaster.

He averred that, when the NPP government took over from the NDC and they exited the IMF programme, that got into their head. They went on a spiral spending which has culminated into the problem that we have.

“I think if they should look at what Ghanaians are saying vis-a-vis the promises they made in their manifestos to come to power, I think they would know that they’ve not been fair to Ghanaians and not been fair to the economy”, he ended.

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