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Sticking to Rules, Using Herbal Remedies Guarantees Good Health and Longevity of Life – Dr. Sarba

Dr. Kwaku Sarba, Founder of Sabash Herbal Centre in Accra has revealed what can be done to guarantee good health and long life.

According to him, there are herbal concoctions when prepared for one to bath with for 21 days and one sticks to a set of rules given, it would give you peace of mind and guarantee you long life.

He made the disclosure that, the concoction are made of up of a plant called “Adwira” in the Akan language mixed together with honey and twenty-one pieces of cube sugar. “When these items are gathered, put them all into an earthenware bowl, wash the herb into the was water, add some quantity of honey and 21 pieces of cube sugar.”

The spiritualist added that, use the concoction to bath once every three days for the next seven days and observe what happens afterwards in your life.

Sabash Herbal Clinic founder underscored the fact that, this spiritual bath ought to have been done before entering the new year. “The ‘adwira’ cleanses one from all negative influences from the previous year, the honey and sugar would guarantee you sweet things in your life in the coming year.”

“This is what my father did and he died at 112 years and my mum also died at 105 years old. I’m doing the same things for myself and family”.

Dr. Kwaku Sarbah made these revelations when he spoke to DC Kwame Kwakye of GBC Radio Central’s ‘About Life’ show today, Sunday 15th January, 2023 on the topic “What Guarantees Good Health and Longevity”.

“Apart from all the above there are three main tenets of life which one must abide by to fortify you against all negative attacks. You don’t have to go after somebody’s wife, you don’t have to steal and you don’t have to kill. These life principles were taught me by my father”.

According to him, his father told him if he committed any of the above wrongs, then he had permitted that his life be truncated by anyone. “I don’t do any of those things my father advised me against”.

“There are some secrets in life and such knowledge are in imbedded in herbs. If you someone knows and prepares same for you and you follows the rules given you, you shall grow old before you die”, he ended.

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