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“Who the f*** is Robert Glasper?” Chris Brown throws tantrum after Grammys Best R&B Album loss to Robert Glasper

Chris Brown was far from pleased that he was passed over for best R&B album at the Grammys, which was won by singer, Robert Glasper.


On Sunday night, Jan. 5, while the Grammys was still going on, he took to his Instagram Stories to share his anger. 


Brown posted an image of Robert Glasper and wrote, ?Y?all playing. Who da f*ck is this?? alongside a few crying-laughing emojis.  



?Who the f*ck is Robert Glasper,? he continued. 



He added: ?I?ma keep kicking y?all ass respectfully.?


Brown then posted additional stories to his IG, writing, ?I gotta get my skills up?Ima start playing the harmonica.?



 The following image was an edited photo of him playing the harmonica, captioned, ?New Level Unlocked! Harmonica Breezy.?






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